Fortitude Magazine’s Top 10 Albums of 2013 ANNOUNCED

After weeks of heavy debate, arguing, tears and only a few hurt feelings, the Fortitude Magazine music team finally voted on our Top 10 Albums of 2013. We’ve been posting one a day for the past two weeks and the reception has been outstanding, give or take a few folk who were peeved Scouting For Girls didn’t make the cut…

Instead of making you trawl through our archives looking for 1-10, here is a quick collation of our Top Albums. Let us know what you think, who should and shouldn’t be there? We not doing it again, but it’d be interesting to know. Here’s to a tremendous year of music!

No. 1: ‘Bad Blood’ – Bastille


“‘Bad Blood’ is that album that was such a long time coming, was so hyped up and anticipated, that it posed the question “is this gonna live up to expectations?”, and it did.” Read more >>

No.2: ‘AM’ – Arctic Monkeys

Arctic monkeys

For me this album will go down in musical history as the time 10+ years of songwriting on the part of Turner and co. was finally  recognised.” Read more >>

No.3: ‘Days Are Gone’ – HAIM


“For far too long, I’ve waited for a group of girls to break away from the skimpy stage outfits and run-of-the-mill pop tracks. Thankfully, 2013 was the year the world discovered HAIM.” Read More >>

No.4: ‘…Like Clockwork’ – Queens of the Stone Age


“This is not so much of a review but a celebration of what is such a well made and constructed album” Read More >>

No.5: ‘Another Self Portrait’ – Bob Dylan

bob dylan

If there is only one reason why ‘Another Self Portrait’ has earned it’s spot as number five in our Album Of  The Year List, it’s for the giant middle finger it’s enabled Mr Bob Dylan to so gracefully give to all the ill talking detractors who repelled to ride the tide of tranquility, to marvel at their messiahs mastery over forty years, up the road.” Read More >>

No.6: ‘Holy Fire’ – Foals


““Holy Fire” undoubtedly cemented Foals creative ability as three albums in to their career, fans can happily keep their trust in the band that with each album they will be able to reinvent themselves without going too far from their roots.” Read More >>

No.7: ‘The Bones of What You Believe’ – CHVRCHES


“The 12-track LP is impossible to take off repeat, as any good album should be, but this one is soaked in personality and flawlessly arranged.” Read more >>

No.8: ‘The 1975’ – The 1975

1975 ac

“The album is exquisitely crafted and flows seamlessly, thanks to the occasional use of short instrumental interludes between tracks, meaning you could listen to it from start to finish and barely notice when the track has changed.” Read more >>

No.9: ‘Yeezus’ – Kanye West


“Kanye throws the rulebook out of the window with this album – it’s just so out there as a rap album that I think it has to be given the utmost respect.” Read more >>

No.10: ‘In A Perfect World’ – Kodaline


“The album takes the alternative foundation known to Kodaline and spruces it with more upbeat, pop-like tracks, as well as more mellow additions.” Read more >>

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