Fortitude Album Of The Year: 10) In A Perfect World – Kodaline

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In the space of a mere year, or even less, Irish alternative Rock quartet, Kodaline graced the Irish and international music scene with a massive force.

When I introduced Fortitude’s readers to this, at the time, up and coming band, around this time last year, I spoke mainly about the main cause of their success, ‘All I Want’-the emotive, incredibly received début single equipped with a  more than tear-jerking music video.

Following the success of ‘All I Want’, the Dublin boys went on the become one of the most talked about bands. Follow-up hits included the similarly successful ‘High Hopes’ and ‘Love Like This’- all scaling the Irish charts. Impressive by anyone’s standards, but without a full length album to their name, Kodaline were set for massive heights.

Just in time for their array of 2013 festival appearances, Steve and the guys went on to release their much anticipated début album, ‘In A Perfect World’, which charted at No.1 in Ireland and No.3 in the UK.

The album takes the alternative foundation known to Kodaline and spruces it with more upbeat, pop-like tracks, as well as more mellow additions. Kickstarting with a generic sounding ‘One Day’, the album goes through the motions of the upbeat ‘Love Like This’ and ‘Brand New Day’ (which they they did a version of with Nina Nesbitt for one of their EPs), to the more rock-like ‘After The Fall’, and the more mellow, stand out tracks for us ‘Talk’ and ‘All Comes Down’.

Unusually, the track you would have called the title track, ‘Perfect World’, doesn’t show it’s face on the standard version on the album, but does shine through on the deluxe copy- but we think you’ll do just fine without.

The boys recently came off a wonderful UK tour in November, with support from Fortitude favourites, Hudson Taylor, and are receiving vast credibility for their live performance.

With a wonderful fresh vibe to the music scene transgressing the 11 track album, is there a need to explain its place in the Fortitude Albums of 2013 collection? Essentially, we respect this wonderful captivation of a massive audience in such little time, but through such a crisp quality in sound.

‘In A Perfect World’ sits at No.10 for us, and we (impatiently) await album number 2 from these Koda-Folk!


Kodaline – One Day on MUZU.TV.


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