Fortitude Album of The Year: 4) Queens of the Stone Age – …Like Clockwork

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This is not so much of a review but a celebration of what is such a well made and constructed album; Queens of the Stone Age released the album ‘…Like Clockworkon June 3rd 2013 (UK).

Josh Homme told the BBC’s Zane Lowe that the album was released just in time for Download festival. To which I was lucky enough to witness them playing for. The album reached number two in the UK Albums Chart, and number one in the Billboard 200 (the bands first number one on the Billboard). On top of this ‘…Like Clockwork’ had three Grammy Award nominations in the categories ‘Best Rock Album’, ‘Best Engineered Album, Non Classical’, and ‘Best Rock Performance’. Seems like the boys from Palm Desert, California have been busy all these years.

The last studio album released by Queens of the Stone Age was ‘Era Vulgaris’ in 2007. Near death experiences, hiatus, and side projects have filled the gap of time for the band members since. Queens of the Stone Age have also been known to go through quite a lot of line-up changes. Josh Homme is the only continuous and original band member. So ‘…Like Clockwork’ was anticipated to be something big.

Due to these factors there was a lot of build up surrounding the album. Not only due to the six-year gap keeping the fans waiting. The band website for a while only had the Q image and an option to be on the mailing list. I ad to join the mailing list. Worthwhile? Definitely. I received e-mail updates with cryptic clues, questions, and pictures, which were all intended to drop hints on song titles, the album name, and all sorts, which I thought was amazing. It was on my mind. I wanted this album. Honest well done to the marketing men and ladies.

Before any of the songs were released Queens of the Stone Age performance of the track ‘My God is the Sun’ in a live performance was leaked on the internet. A YouTube clip was created involving a girl with a Hula Hoop, dancing to the live leak. QOTSA actually came across this video and shared it through social media websites. This must have been unexpected from the YouTube user SWISSIMPORTED; the video can be seen here:


‘…Like Clockwork’ was not only a comeback album to keep the fans happy, and create fresh performance revenues to pad out the bank accounts. It is a complete album; it encapsulates all that is Queens of the Stone Age.  The macho marching of ‘If I Had a Tail’, the desert driving ‘My God is the Sun’, the industrial sounds of ‘Keep Your Eyes Peeled’ are the sounds you expect from a Queens of the Stone Age album. Even that classic internal piano pedal vamps in ‘Go With the Flow’, ‘Broken Box, Make It Wit’Chu’, ‘Feel Good Hit Of the Summer’ returns in ‘Fairweather Friends’. I suppose Josh’s piano wasn’t for sale after all.

‘…Like Clockwork’ is one of “those” albums. Like a memory, every song stands on it’s own, and anyone can attach to them what they wish.  However when listened to from start to finish you get the real big picture, and like clockwork the album is complete, and full.


Queens Of The Stone Age – My God Is the Sun on MUZU.TV.


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