Vibes of the Week – List 7

Bruh the Playstation 5 launch day was a mess. Sh*t show here, sh*t show there, sh*t show everywhere. I expected it but I didn’t think it was going to be that chaotic. No surprises since everything was all online but still. Currys PC World had an absolute nightmare with orders going live way before 9am.. shout out to everyone who profited from the loophole, big salute! Karens nationwide are currently shaking their fists waiting patiently to speak to a manager.

The marketing in London was dope though, Sony threw them symbols all over Oxford Circus like an excited toddler with a fistful of glitter.

Shout out to my homie Ashley, we did this all day online Playstation hunt and I tell you, intense. I had one in my basket for about 5 seconds on Amazon then it got snatched away at the last click. I can’t talk about childbirth but I can tell you about pain.

oprah unimpressed

What’s the latest, did you manage to cop one? According to sources, all PS5 stock has now been shifted. The scalpers are having a field day with consoles going for up to £1000 on eBay. If you got that kind of cash to spare fair play. But you can miss me with that nonsense homie.

Anyways. Here’s some vibes!

1) Baby Keem – Orange Soda
Another week, some more Baby Keem for your ears. If I drove an ice cream van I’d play this when I come through. 


2) Isaiah Rashad – 4r Da Squaw
The year is 2016, I’m in my element on the cusp of great things. Times have changed but my love for this vibe is eternal. 


3) Mick Jenkins – Carefree 
Smooth as hell drive time music homie. 


4) Earl Sweatshirt – The Difference (feat. Maxo) 
I’m going to commit a series of prolific heists that will shock the art world. This song will play the entire time. 


5) Don Toliver – No Idea 
Yo you know about Don? Nah? Wheel this. 


Like the above? Peep the playlist below for all the vibes in one place. Easy!

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