Three Exciting Activities to Get Your Kids Outside

There’s a growing concern among parents that their children are spending too much time indoors. In a 2016 National Trust Survey, nine out of ten parents preferred that their child would be around nature more, instead of being glued to computer and smartphone screens. While these devices aren’t inherently evil, the concern around time spent on them is certainly reasonable.

However, some children are learning to love the outdoors in all its glory, so there’s definitely more to life than their favourite television shows and video games. Fresh air and sunshine are needed in daily dosages for both their physical and mental wellbeing, so getting them out there is important.

If you need inspiration, there here are 3 exciting activities that could well coax your kid outside.

Building Dens

When kids are outside, it’s a good idea to let their imaginations run wild. The most common (but still exciting) way to manifest their creativity as a family here is to build things like dens, forts, or even tree houses. That way, they can channel all their energy into constructing something they can truly call their own.

Whether it will serve as a base for future shenanigans or it’s just a quick little project, dens are a great way to get your kids to spend time on something that isn’t in a screen. Who knows, perhaps your kid will enjoy it so much that he or she will circle back to it the next day, week, or month? Once it’s built, they may come up with their own stories or games that are based around the den, giving them good exercise and mental stimulation.

Kid Quads

For some high-octane action, a kid quad bike could be just the thing to reignite your child’s interest in the great outdoors. As a responsible parent, you’re likely worrying already about all the safety concerns and costs, and that’s perfectly understandable. Still, there’s no reason to be worried if you go about this the right way.

It’s important to look in the right places for kids electric quads. Eco Rider have a great range of safe and affordable quad bikes available, and they also sell all the required safety gear at amazing value for money too. Their kid quads come in many different shapes and sizes, and they also come with a three-speed adjustable safety dial, which means your child can’t ride a speed you haven’t pre-approved. The electric battery also makes everything more affordable and quieter, eliminating all the overhead costs and irritable roaring of petrol engines.


Family Sports

Sports are universal, and there’s at least one that your child can take to. A family kick around with a football or a quick game of rounders or crickets are sure-fire ways to get your kids laughing, running, and enjoying the fresh air. They’re also great for team building, so if have multiple kids who are regularly not getting along, team sports are a great way to bring mend their bond with a shared goal.

It’s been suggested that opening up sports facilities would give every child healthier summers, but the benefits of such things aren’t confined to single seasons alone. Still, there are plenty of sporting services your family can use out there, so don’t hesitate to head down to your local sports centre to use their resources.

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