Single Review: Robert Grace – Self

It’s a tough pillow to swallow; finding ourselves still in various forms of lockdown over a year since the initial guidelines were shared with the country. One silver lining throughout the year has been the sound of Robert Grace’s music  bookending the pandemic so far, and this time he isn’t alone.

Last year, we spoke to Robert Grace following the release of his debut single ‘Fake Fine’. This song quickly rose to find company among our favourite tunes released in 2021, presenting something of a “lockdown anthem”. Fast forward to now, and Robert has joined forces with the wonderful Norwegian artist Emma Steinbakken to bring us a thought-provoking gift in the form of ‘Self’.

When we initially heard ‘Fake Fine’, it was clear that Robert Grace is a wizard when it comes to crafting thoughtful, perhaps even melancholy tales, while keeping the vibe upbeat and alive. ‘Self’ is another song that cleverly balances a catchy hook with deep, meaningful lyrics, as the duo wish for the “voices in my head to go and talk to someone else instead”. This line sums up the song rather well and is vital – as we’re (hopefully) looking towards the end of the pandemic, we do need to acknowledge the toll the past 15 months have had on our mental health.

Robert Grace doesn’t shy away from singing about serious matters such as the above, and Emma Steinbakken’s stunning voice is a welcome addition to his style. Incredibly, Emma is only 18 years old and already has a number one hit single in Norway. Knowing this, it’s no surprise these two have meshed so well together, with both of them having stunningly bright futures ahead of them. As an aside, we’re sort of hoping this isn’t a one-and-done collaboration!

As you’re putting together your “Ones To Watch” lists for 2021 and beyond, you may go ahead and stick Robert Grace right at the top. The Irish music scene remains as strong as ever, and Grace is going to lead the charge of the new generation of artists from the Emerald Isle. Mark our words.

In the meantime, you can follow Robert’s journey on all forms of social media. Check out all relevant links by clicking here.

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