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Emma Steinbakken / Robert Grace
Single Review: Robert Grace – Self

It’s a tough pillow to swallow; finding ourselves still in various forms of lockdown over a year since the initial guidelines were

Album Review: When ‘Airy Met Fairy – Glow

Glow is the full-length debut from Nordic duo When ‘Airy Met Fairy, and they sure know how to make a

When 'Airy Met Fairy
Interview: When ‘Airy Met Fairy – “The power of music is a mystery. I’ve never been able to control it.”

Last month, Nordic duo When ‘Airy Met Fairy released their new single, ‘Until Your Season Dries’. This precedes their upcoming debut album,

Gold Celeste
Track Review: Gold Celeste – The Wonder Of Love

After releasing a record that used a prism of psychedelic trip-beats and a foray of washed out melodies to talk

Gold Celeste - The Glow
Album Review: Gold Celeste – The Glow

If you like feeling like you’re floating, than God Celeste are definitely your kind of band. Dream away with them

Album Review: Susanne Sundfør – Ten Love Songs

Susanne Sundfør has a voice that insists upon stymying all of my attempts to describe it. Whilst traces of it

Review : Benea Reach – Possession

Norwegian mathcore sextet Benea Reach have been through a great deal. Counting a solid 14 members since their inception in