Launchbox: Sumner

The haunting sound of folk music’s next big thing. Slow, steady, and devilishly tantalising, Sumner’s chorus is one to take note of.

Russian songstress Kristina Sarkisova, aka Sumner, has been peddling a mysterious and quite brilliant folk-sound since studying music business at New York University. Upon leaving academia to pay full attention to her music, Sumner hasn’t looked back since. Her latest single ‘Shadow Park’, released on the 5th of May,’ is set to continue her eerie racket.

Hailing from London these days, Sumner transcends the sounds of alternative-rock and folk into a blend of creaky guitars, tinny harmonies and roundhouse percussion. Capturing all the delicacy of Laura Marling, yet matching the dynamic edge of Angel Olsen, Sumner’s sound is one to be absorbed and explored.

Built on a base of catchy melodies inter-wired with troubling harmonic blends, Sumner’s voice stands out as the real weapon of choice in her music. Enthrallingly sombre, Sumner’s vocal lines brush along elegantly with each note and each chord subtly. Her music acts as the sound-stripe to misty, moon-lit nights. Wind, whistling through the trees, and deep din of ghostly folk music in the distance.

After being heralded on Tom Robinson’s BBC 6 Music’s introducing mixtape, Sumner has been given licence to soar. With all the majesty of her up and coming sound, the folk world is ready for another strong-hearted innovator to take it by the horns.

Listen to Sumner talk exclusively to Fortitude about her latest track, Shadow Park, below.

Fortitude Magazine – SUMNER- Shadow Park // Promo on MUZU.TV.

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