Interview: The Eskies – “Do we have fans? We tend to use parishioners…”

The Eskies are coming fresh off the release of their second album, And Don’t Spare The Horses, and are currently touring the UK & Ireland.

We had a chance to catch up with the crazy folk quintet from Dublin shortly before the new album dropped.

You’re due to release your next LP, And Don’t Spare The Horses’, next month. What can fans expect?

Do we have fans? We tend to use parishioners… if you were someone who liked the last album, then I’m sure this will be right up your street.

What would you say is different compared to After The Sherry Went Round in terms of style? Did your song writing differ at all this time around?

There are definite differences! Different chords, different lyrics, there’s even different song titles. There’s probably more screaming and shouting. The quiet is more quiet and there are a couple of those songs in there. It kind of mangles genres a bit more. It’s more mature and i think we’ve delved further into the rabbit holes we ventured down last time. I think lyrically what we’re trying to say is clearer but still as irreverent as ever.

How has the feedback been from your new single release, ‘All Good Men’?

All good so far. People seem to like it which is great. That’s all you can really ask for. The video went down quite well, which we had great fun making. At gigs you can see people singing along and buzzing with us. That’s what an Eskies gig is all about!

You performed at numerous festivals this year, including Glastonbury and Cambridge Folk Festival. Did you enjoy the break from standard headline gigs?

Yeah it has been great, though it’s not exactly new for us. We played both of those festivals last year but the stages were bigger this year!

We love festival gigs and venue shows but they are definitely different. For festivals you’d fill the set with all the rowdy, raucous tunes that are singalong and dance worthy whereas with a venue you tend to be able to get a little more intimate and personal if you so desire. You’d still be covered in sweat though, we don’t ever tone it down too much. When the energy takes over we tend to ride the wave and just enjoy every gig and embrace their differences.

Are there any bands you shared these stages with that you have kept a particular eye on? Anyone that really stood out to you? [Preferably Irish/UK]

This is always a tough one as we see so many bands and play with so many bands that we really love. In the UK we always love to catch up with Mad Dog Mcrea and have a sherry or three. We recently toured with Black Water County as our support and they’re certainly ones to watch. In Ireland there are far too many to mention but I’ll have a go. The Hot Sprockets, Mongrel State, Grand, New Secret Weapon, Mongoose, Wyvern Lingo just to name a few. Google that shit!

You have a fun and entirely unique sound – who do you cite as your influences?

Again this is another one that there are far too many to list. You should see the playlist we have in the van! It varies so much from Dean Martin to The Amsterdam Klezmer Band and we’re really not afraid to give anything a good listen. Maybe that’s why we’re so hard to pin down genre wise. There’s way too much going on in our tiny little brains.

With the year quickly rounding to a close, you must be planning the new year already. What plans are in place for 2018 so far?

Of course! We’ll have to tour this new album we’re flogging. Our agent and good friend Matt is working hard at keeping us busy. 2018 will see us return to the UK for a short run in February and March will see us venture down under for our very first Australian tour. I hope he has the valium handy, that’s a long flight, right? All dates available from and that’s the best place to keep up with our antics!


Don’t miss The Eskies when they embark on tour once again next year! Until then, have a listen to their latest single – ‘All Good Men’ – below, and check out the new album – And Don’t Spare The Horses – at all the regular places.

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