GRID 2 Shows Off New Expansion

Codemaster’s racing gem, Grid 2, shows off the “European Expansion Pack” today in a shiny new trailer below!

The expansion shows off new cars and racing types, as well as new locations and racing clubs that players can join, each one specialising in a different type of racing.

Mixing fictional towns and real licensed racing tacks, the game takes players on a whirlwind racing tour of Europe, as the Expansions title suggests. The video also showcases new cars within the game, such as the Volvo S60 BTCS – a British Touring Car Championship staple – and the Gomez Competition, a car built from the ground up for motorsport which is fine tuned and custom tweaked by a Motor company in the South of France.

All in all, it looks to be a great add-on for a great racing game. Watch the trailer now!


GRID 2 is out the 28th May in the U.S. and 31st May in the U.K!

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