Wii U headset won’t plug into your Pro controller

Nintendo really don’t get online, do they. Having promised to revamp their paltry online offerings for the upcoming Wii U, it’s been revealed that not only will you have to buy second party headsets from Mad Catz or Turtle Beach – they’ll also only work with the tablet controller.

This means that, for the time being, games like Black Ops 2 where voice chat is near-essential will require you to have the Wii U GamePad on your lap while you play.

It’s especially galling when you realise that the GamePad has a built in mic port.

The Wii U does have Bluetooth, so it’s possible that Ninty will release a first party wireless set. But when you consider that the GamePad has a rumoured 3-5 hour battery life, it looks like a massive misstep for a company trying to regain some of its old audience.

Thanks Kotaku.

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