Fortitude Magazine is a growing online entertainment publication and is on the continuous look out for the best young writers that are aiming to gain valuable digital journalism experience.

With a monthly  readership of over 20,000, our inclusion to Google News and around 10,000 social media followers, Fortitude Magazine would love the opportunity to support you and your dreams of becoming a recognisable, respectable, journalist.

Please note that our current journalistic roles, which may express an interest to you, are unpaid and will remain unpaid until circumstances change within the website’s revenue. Unfortunately, we cannot confirm how soon this will change.

However, what we fail to offer financially, we reward by giving you a base to build a reputable portfolio, as each writer for our site has their own dedicated page that lists all their work.

If you’re still interested in applying for one of our departments, please get in touch below:

All information submitted will be remain confidential and solely for the purposes of Fortitude Magazine.

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