Ubisoft announces The Settlers Online Halloween Event

Ubisoft and Blue Byte studios have announced an online event occurring for their free online game The Settlers. The game will include a new array of characters such as Eliot the Pumpkin Master who acts as the chief NPC and The Grim reaper as well as new buildings customisations and buffs all with a Halloween motif.

The game will include new bonus quests as well which can be accessed through Eliot and players will also be able to grow and harvest pumpkins to collect bonuses (taking farming in games to a more literal level) in the form of potions with Halloween themed names like “Mr Myers” and “Frank and Stein”. Players will also be able to place and exchange new buildings in the game such as Pumpkin Fields and Village schools.

The idea of a holiday event is actually a pretty refreshing idea and with any luck we’ll see this pop up next year and in even more games.

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