DisgruntledBlkGuy – so where is this going?

Somebody pour me a mimosa I’m ready to celebrate.


It’s finally official.  The tangerine buffoon has lost. Joe Biden is president elect. Kamala Harris has made history and is a certified inspiration for women and people of every ethnic creed. I pray that little girls everywhere witnessing this moment now realise they can literally be anything they want to be.

America usually I watch you with a skeptical eye but this time I’m joining the conga line, I want to party with you. For now it seems like the good guys have finally prevailed. Biden’s not going to have any power in the senate mind you, but let’s deal with that in January shall we.

So hands up, who wants to see Trump forcibly ejected from that big old house in Washington? Reports suggest that all he’s been doing is playing golf amidst all the celebrations taking place in his backyard. What a guy.

Still I suspect the UK is kind of screwed regarding trade deals you know. I mentioned it previously but the more I think about it the more I’m convinced. Dealing with the Brits is probably the last thing on the Star Spangled Banner to-do list I suspect given the clean up their country requires. Pretty sure Biden isn’t really that big of a UK fan either. Donald on the other hand was, he had a ton of energy for all that United Kingdom sh*t. Explains why he and the blonde dishevelled one were such good pals.

As it stands no real agreement has been fully established with Europe, because somehow the “oven ready” deal Boris promised is now not good enough. We are technically still on the losing end of this grand exit move, no matter how much you want to argue otherwise. The expectation was for something wonderful and shiny with the Americans and beyond but….eh.

Now hear me out. If I was in charge I’d make good friends with Taiwan. Then I’d establish solid trade deal terms with Australia.  Given the fact they are being punished by China right now for standing up to their bullsh*t, and seem to be the only country (to the best of my knowledge) doing so. Just in case you didn’t know, China is confidently engaging in genocide filling concentration camps with Uyghur Muslims. Nobody is talking about it. Like literally nobody. Well, except Mesut Ozil and you’d have to be absolutely blind to miss how Arsenal have been treating him since he brought it up. Disgusting.

The question of the day is, who voted for Kanye West?


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