DisgruntledBlkGuy – fall of the orange bullfrog

Firstly, f*ck Boris and lockdown 2.0. Said it with chest so much chest.

Friday night. Election shenanigans.

Well its about Kendrick Lamar damn time America. You finally did it. I mean it’s still slim margins right now so I’m not going to get the whisky out just yet, but Christ on a tricycle the fact 70 million of you went and voted for turkey neck again actually boggles my mind. To tell you the truth I didn’t think good old sleepy Joe had it in him, stumbling and mumbling all over the place. Watching these guys slug it out during debates was a lot like watching two mildly annoyed geriatrics bicker about who gets the last pudding in an episode of The Simpsons.

This was truly the best the Democrats could offer? Really? Highest popular vote turnout though so that is definitely a good look and certainly tells you something about the state of American politics right now.

As I type this the current narrative is embarrassing, voter fraud this appeal that. Unsubstantiated outlandish claims come as a standard from the stupid outrageous petulant man baby. Whats new?

Small victory for decency, which doesn’t seem to come often nowadays. Sadly still the UK is saddled (and will be for some time) with a despicable Tory government. What’s going on with our trade deal with the US by the way, does anyone know?

But yo! Hear me out. Looking beyond the result and over the horizon, is any one else wondering how this is going to pan out long term? I mean he’s not just going to shrivel up and vanish. Sadly. He’s still garnered a ton of support so there is a slow burning threat bubbling under the surface surely.  He amassed 70 million votes. Wild. Trump actually got more votes this year than Obama did in either of his two runs. WILD.

If he decides to launch a 3rd party surely it’s a wrap for the Republicans? What if he doesn’t want to leave the White House willingly? And can somebody finally tell me if Tory really did shoot Megan?

Damn it I want answers.



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