The World is Not Enough

Heard Elon Musk is about to crash a rocket into the moon and I think that’s some beautiful sh*t.
Checking in on the end of another one of those weeks, it’s got to be said this latest season of “Earth” has kinda got me on the edge of my seat.

spongebob - excited

The almighty writers of the universe gathered together to pitch ideas and said “guys we gotta change gears. Pandemic everyday yes but, sprinkle in some war possibilities.” And thus we ask, is Putin posturing? Will he? Won’t he? Russian Chuck Norris with his finger on the button. What a frosty pesky rascal this guy is. On the topic of politics, or political leaders doing.. or not doing. I’d love to see party animal Bojo in an all out brawl with Putin and Biden in a cage filled with snakes. Maybe the cage can have flaming spikes all across the edges for good measure, I don’t know NATO can work out the details just give me a fight. Also throw in some lightsabers.

Somebody make that call ASAP and remember where you heard it first, preferably before China enters the chat.

It’s kind of wild to me though that while we precariously edge towards the precipice of war, most people are still obsessing over the Kardashians and their new relationships. Low key kind of weird when really you should be spending this time overwhelmed by Rihanna’s pregnancy. I personally been crying a little bit but I’m getting there. On a serious note though, watching a family squabble online is a strange new normal. Don’t even get me started on the TikTok debate because truthfully that app is a poison. Hear me out. Not trying to be disparaging but have you ever tried conversing with a person who’s just constantly flicking through unfunny content with steroid thumbs? Painful.

The ability to articulate one’s self without being distracted by a lacklustre cringe trend is at an all time low. For real.

Right now we are in an age where everybody thrives off the perceived importance they have online. Major self validation from a like, sinking depression when theres no engagement. If you’ve got your kids on there (TikTok), no shade but I’d be careful of the narcissistic breeding ground your offspring is logging into. Nothing is private or seemingly off limits and that is strangely celebrated. Wild. This goes for all the social media drops to be honest. The ramifications of indulging some of this ego fuelled dribble we see circulating is going to be real troublesome longterm. I’ll say it again, there’s a reason why the children of some of these social media developers aren’t allowed to use these very apps, they know the damage. Think about it, your average heroin dealer doesn’t consume their own product.

In the case of the Kardashians, well we all know they have been profiting off the female gender for the longest. Of course it is their right to do whatsoever they please but where is the decorum? There’s a reason North West Kardashian – an 8 year old – will have far more adults than kids following her.  It’s simple profiteering in the oddest sense. Shouldn’t that be at the very least somewhat concerning? Shouldn’t this kid be working on colouring within the lines or something? Like theres just no way I’m going to believe that a normal 36 year old is intrigued by the goings on in this kid’s life. And if that person is you..


On the upside though, Kanye has entered his latest transformation and I’m here for the vibes for real. That tape with Future is going to be emotional. Beyond this subject we mostly have on our list of exciting things for the month ahead -the depressing state of the economy, everyone with a difference in opinion being labelled a “conspiracy theorist” and I guess maybe nukes. Hopefully nukes. Before Valentines Day if possible.

Switching gears real quick lets talk movies. You seen Spider-Man: No Way Home yet? What? If not, I truly don’t know whats going on with your priorities in life but sort that out. Tom Holland has really excelled in this role and his journey as Peter Parker has been a real beautiful thing to watch. Will swerve the spoilers for now but at this point I’d imagine most people know the deal. This latest outing definitely left me with emotional damage for sure but I have no complaints.

my emotions

Eternals? Don’t even invest time into that. Just go watch the post credits scene on YouTube. Seriously. Is it worse than Black Widow? Probably not, but it didn’t make it any less underwhelming. To be honest I was actually thrilled when the credits came through, and in no way shape or form did it leave me feeling all magical and majestic like Shang-Chi did. The new Matrix? Ehh highly recommend you skip in honesty too. Yup. Unless you are mostly in it to see the man, the myth, the wholesome legend that is Keanu Reeves. However for what it’s worth, it was nice to revisit the franchise. Kinda. 2022 is looking good for movies though I can’t lie. We got The Batman, Morbius, Avatar 2 (finally), Black Adam and damn man even Sonic 2 to name a few.

But yo enough of the rambling, let’s talk music. Let’s talk about five vibes I recommend you go listen to right now.

1) Chocolate Hills – Khruangbin, Leon Bridges
Silky smooth vibes for your ears and such.


2) Mystery Lady – Masego, Don Toliver
An audio experience for them speakers, slap it on repeat.


I can’t really describe how I feel about this song I just. It’s like it’s under my skin. Thats all I got.


4) Eazy – The Game, Kanye West
Yup. More of this somebody go ring up the studio and tell them we want more of this.


5) Super Bounce – Duckwrth, EARTHGANG
This that shoulder shrugging in my element type music. Turn it up.


New playlist pending. Catch you on the other side of the void!

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