Vibes of the Week – List 6

Been a hot minute since I blessed you with a vibes list and that’s my bad. I’m sorry. I told myself I’d get better with everything including throwing these suggestions up but… yeah.

Firstly how are YOU doing? Keeping well? I know I know.. sh*t’s still crazy right? Keep your head up. YOU GOT THIS.

If you are catching this from the UK right now its like day 8 (maybe 9 or 10 I don’t know anymore) of lockdown 2.0 and apart from my mid-afternoon glass of whisky, writing this article is probably going to be the only productive thing I do today. To be honest the fact we have to do this all again is just a spectacular farce really.


Spending all year in my damn house while Tory party degenerates consistently crumble the country with their unwavering stupidity. But anyways eff them guys, dishonest pond scum. I’ll save politics for another post.

Let’s get to it shall we. Catch the vibes below!

Ash Ketchum

1) Mac Miller – Ladders
Swimming is such a good album and this song put me in a good mood today. MISS YOU MAC!


2) Flume – The Difference (feat. Toro y Moi)
The type of vibe I’d expect during a Fifa game loading screen. If I ever let EA hustle me again that is.


3) Baby Keem – hooligan
My play count on this one is a little outrageous. Stand out lyric – “Fa Fa Fa Fa Fa Faaaa”


4) MIKE – No, No!
Went for a long ass walk through the woods with MIKE on repeat. Most of your favourite rappers could never.



5) Kota the Friend – Volvo
“I could spend a whole week on my sofa”, I truly felt that. No more personal attacks please Kota.

Like the above? Peep the playlist below for all the vibes in one place. Easy!




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