Single Review: ‘Watson’/’Watson (Pt.1)’ – The Arthur Brothers

The Arthur Brothers, Matt and Danny Arthur, released their psych-pop infused album Nine at the back end of 2020. Gaining admiration from the music press, the duo were moved to share their magnum opus: the 9m:24s video epic Watson along with the reimagined audio Watson (Pt.1).

Taking the original album version and reworking the song into a sub 4 minute single, to coincide with the full video release in all its glory, The Arthur Brothers continue to exhibit their capacity to infuse pop, psychedelia and prog in one, standalone single package. With the addition of producer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist J.C. Wright, The Arthur Brothers’ Watson is a piece of impressively complied progressive-pop that undulates from the bombastic inspiration of the likes of Queen and David Bowie to the experimental, nuanced soundscapes of Animal Collective. The song itself plays out through the voice of Watson, a vulnerable and confused sentient being unsure of who or what he is. Complimented by a video with slick, artists visuals dancing to the tune of Watson’s narration, the combination illustrates the complex emotions of a being mutating into human form and exploring the potential conflict for both man and machine.

In addition to the full length visuals, The Arthur Brothers are releasing the deconstructed single version, Watson (Pt.1), as well as an NFT drop consisting of 3 tokens representing 3 unique and exclusive audiovisual pieces made in collaboration with Ivan Isakov, whose Generative Art explores physical, biological and agent-based systems.

Nine was the band’s debut album release, with The Arthur Brothers promoting the record through a number of impressive singles including ‘Sun Gun’, ‘Lovesunk’, ‘Violet Hum’ and ‘Ninth’, picking up support from press far and wide. The unveiling of Watson and Watson (Pt.1) is the natural end point to this series of releases, and encapsulates an expansive, probing, ambitious album in all its glory.

Watson (Pt.1) and the video for Watson, are out on 27th May 2021 via ClearLight Records/Declared Goods.

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