Quilt announce new album, ‘Plaza’

Band also share new track ‘Eliot St.’

Boston-based psych-rock quartet Quilt have revealed that they are releasing a new album. Plaza will hit record stores on February 26th next year, and will be the band’s third studio album. Mixing folk, pop-psych, and wanderlust together, Plaza is a concoction conceived in the minds of a band built upon making weird, trippy music. In ten songs, the band have headed for the horizon with a sound as outlandish and silky as their name suggests it is.

In support of the album release, Quilt have shared the new track ‘Eliot St.’ Marked by wistful, open chord progressions and shining melody, Quilt give the first taste of what Plaza will embody. You can listen to ‘Eliot St.’ below.

Pre-order Plaza physically via Mexican Summer here.

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