Q&A Session: Chase & Status- “Never just accept success, acknowledge it and then look for the next challenge”

Having just come off a highly anticipated headline tour, electronic duo, Chase & Status continued their live performance ethic to their massive fanbase…

We caught up with the guys just after the end of their tour.

You’ve just finished your tour – how was it?

It was brilliant, tiring but briliant. We played 11 Arena shows around the UK and finished it all off at one of the biggest shows of our career at London’s O2 earlier this month. London is our hometown so we had all of our friends and family there to watch – it was a pretty amazing moment. 

Is performing live one of your favourite aspects or what do you most enjoy? Was it sort of the dream when you hoped to pursue music?

Performing live is certainly one of the great things about being musicians, as is DJ’ing – both have their merits. When we started out, we always said we’d just happy to be able to make a living from making music, and are thankful for the fact that we get to do this as our job – from being in the studio, running our label to performing and DJ’ing around the world, it’s all great. 

As an electronic group, can you talk to us about your writing process? ‘Cause I know when I talk to singer/songwriters, they have a particular method, whether it’s lyrics first or music first- how does it work with you?

There’s no set way it works really, sometimes we’ll hear a new vocal from someone and just get them in the studio and see what we can develop together, other times we’ll have been working on a track for ages and just need to find the perfect vocal to suit that particular track, sometimes we can be inspired to come up with a beat and can be working on that alone for years before we figure out how to turn it into a completed track. 

 As you guys started becoming big, you collaborated with quite a lot of artists (Plan B, Rihanna, Cee Lo Green) – how was that? Would they have been inspirations to you guys musically?

We have collaborated with some great artists in the past, big names and lesser known names. To be honest, we love working with new, up and coming talent – it feels really exciting to work with artists that are just setting out on their careers and that not many people have heard. 

 You performed just before Eminem on the Main Stage at Reading this year- must have been amazing?

Reading was one of the best shows of the summer, the festival organisers had to stop the show twice as the crowd were just too crazy and we needed them to calm down before we played on…it was seriously something else. The energy was incredible.  

What music are you guys listening to at the moment?

We spend a lot of time listening to the new music being made by the acts signed to our record label MTA, to name a few, Moko, Louis M^ttrs, Knytro, Josh Butler, Kove and Moodygood. 

Any advice for aspiring musicans who might look up to you?

Never rest on your laurels – always try and push yourself more than you think you should or can and don’t stop working on a track unless you’re 100% certain that it’s perfect. 

Finally, what’s the most important lesson you guys have learned during your career in the industry?

Never just accept success, acknowledge it and then look for the next challenge. 


Chase & Status – Alive on MUZU.TV.


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