Muzu.Tv’s App Is The Leading Music Platform For Smart TVs

Music Video-on-demand: the app from Muzu.Tv brings a new, interactive world of music videos to the living room…

This app is now available on Smart Tv devices from all leading manufacturers. Available on Samsung, Sony, LG, Panasonic, Google Tv, Ikea, Tv, Loewe, Sharp, Vestel, Grundig, Phillips and Toshiba devices, the music platform is the first provider catering to all Smart Tv devices in the UK and across Europe.

This FREE to use app offers on-demand, high quality videos and the ability for users to watch their own music video playlists, or by all means, play safe and rely on ones created by the editorial team at Muzu.Tv.

The app also allows users to port playlists they create on the website onto their Smart Tv or Xbox.

With a huge selection of over 150,000 videos, Muzu.Tv sits ahead of all other platforms with the largest collection of Official Music Videos on the Web and Smart Tvs.

Adam Stanley, UK Country Manager says:

“Already, we have over 50% of video streams coming via our Smart TV and Xbox devices, so increasing our reach to the full Smart TV audience is a huge step forward. The MUZU.TV app is designed to meet the needs of the multi-screen, modern music video fan. Users can now consume music videos in the living room as a lean-back experience – by watching their own playlists (or ours) both created from a huge catalogue. We also make it possible to watch music videos on-demand catering to those wanting a lean-forward experience.”


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