Listen to Erica Nockalls dark reinvention of Roxy Music’s ‘In Every Dream Home a Heartache’

Erica Nockalls is a singer, songwriter and violinist who has made an indelible mark on the darkened fringes of the alt.pop scene. Her latest innovation is a unique interpretation of the renowned Roxy Music song, ‘In Ever Dream Home a Heartache’ (feat. Jean-Charles Versari).

Having recently released the eerily beautiful single ‘Build Me a Ship’, Erica spent September touring the UK supporting Echo and the Bunnymen. Her captivating stage presence and idiosyncratic delivery was well received and, now, Erica has followed this up with her latest track, as she reinvents Roxy Music’s classic song.

‘In Every Dream Home a Heartache’ is a song that challenges the hollowness of wealth and opulence without the ability to love. Taking aim at modern life, ‘In Every Dream Home a Heartache’ focuses on themes of materialism and obsession, conveying one mans hollow world view, and disillusionment, through his objectification of the blow up doll.

In this case Erica performs the role of the blow up doll with regular collaborator Jean-Charles Versari that of the man. The duo enter into a call and receive that is coupled with a longing dependency pouring from their eyes as they face off. The metronomic beat sets the tone as the pair’s aching heart emits from every lyric, every note. The song rounds off with screeching guitars soaring, Erica and Jean-Charles spiralling into a sense of maniacal madness. ‘In Every Dream Home a Heartache’ encapsulates Erica Nockalls intense style of alt.pop, seamlessly blending electro, synth, darkwave and industrial genres into one, epic cover.

Erica and Jean-Charles have been collaborating since 2021 when they created the album ‘Dark Music From A Warm Place’. The record works within a genre-neutral template, swimming in honey-flavoured acid. With the use of gritty drum machines, luscious synths and unapologetic lyrics, angular violins provide an unpredictable journey. The material being cinematic from beginning to end, Nockalls produces a platform to deliver her own distinctive, brooding, off-kilter design.

Her previous work included collaborating with a number of renowned bands and artists ranging from The Wonder Stuff and Echo and the Bunnymen, to TronosThe Proclaimers and Immaculate Fools.

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