INTERVENTION release debut single ‘Fire’!

Eclectic trio INTERVENTION are ready to make flames with their vibrant debut single Fire, out now.

This powerful track explores the profound connections we share with nature and the peace it can offer amidst the chaos of daily life. It is a compelling and introspective single combining the trio’s latin, soul and electronic influences in order to create something truly unique. Fire masterfully captures the essence of the element’s raw power and transformational energy. “The song reflects on the internal fire within each of us”, drummer Lya Reis Guerrero explains, “the innate drive to uplift our spirits, overcome obstacles and emerge stronger than before. Fire serves as a symbolic anthem for personal reinvention and the courage it takes to embrace change”.

INTERVENTION is a conversation between the organic and the electronic world. Created by drummer-percussionist Lya (Colectiva) alongside vocalist Plumm and featuring internationally acclaimed Latinx pianist/producer Eliane Correa, they provide a unique journey where energy and euphoria are transmitted through improvisation. They address themes such female empowerment and mental health awareness by enticing them with the natural world and its elements through music. Central to this vision is the creation of unforgettable live performances capable of leaving a lasting imprint on people’s lives, both mentally and emotionally. The trio have already supported the likes of TC and the Groove Family and will be supporting Don Kipper at their upcoming album launch in December.

Combining poetic lyricism, uplifting beats and harmonic synth-infused landscapes INTERVENTION are excited to welcome you into their idiosyncratic world.

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