LaunchBox: Juliette Commagere

The solo work of the former Hello Stranger singer is gathering momentum.

Cutting herself a large slice of the pie, pop sensation Juliette Commagere has stepped into a new solo environment, and is planting her own seeds of inventiveness and imagination. The Los Angeles based singer first rose to prominence as the singer of indie outfit Hello Stranger, but has since blossomed into an entity of her own creation.

Having already worked with a variety of artists, including Avenged Sevenfold and Bats For Lashes, Commagere has entered the industry with more than enough experience and corporeality to establish her own sound. Influenced by the cosmic weirdness of Bjork and roots rock-ability of Ry Cooder, Commagere’s individual work points in all the right directions.

She takes standardised pop pre-dispositions and runs them through a wind tunnel of synthesised textures and robust bass lines, whilst laying her strong, dextrous voice over the musical design. This is shown in her latest track ‘Colide’, which bobbles and whistles around a structure of pop, but plays with the elements of electro and techno.

In essence, Juliette Commagere casts a cloud of mystery and oddity in the domain of pop music, and deserves a listen. You heard it here first, folks.

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