Koza launches video for debut single, ‘Here With Me’

Born in Istanbul, Koza is looking to make big waves with her debut single ‘Here With Me’.

Growing up, Kozo was exposed to the likes of The Cure, Depeche Mode and No Doubt, leading her on a journey where she would discover a passion for music. As she grew older, song-writing became a big part of her life as she began performing local shows as young as 13 years old, receiving positive feedback as she partook in singing competitions. Fast forward to today, and she’s launched a debut single that combines her influences with her strong belief the power of dreaming, love and forming real connections with the people we meet everyday.

Inspired by an all-star cast of Fleetwood Mac, Mark Ronson and Kate Bush, Kozo has found a great blend of US and UK pop music, with a hint of her Turkish background still shining through which is highly prevalent in ‘Here With Me’. This sets her apart from the plethora of pop artists in today’s industry, and makes for a wonderful listen that will leave you wanting more.

With so many songwriters coming out of the woodwork as we enter the new decade, Koza has a really nice sound that helps her stand out from the crowd, and we’re excited to see how she capitalises on this release going forward.

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