GTA V Information Dump Galore!

With the release of the latest edition of Game Informer out now, along with it were are treated to a massive look into the latest big Rockstar title, Grand Theft Auto V. This is the first time we have received any real details on the game since the original announcement teaser seen last year. (more after the cover).

 Here is the information we have gathered:

From Kotaku:

  • Los Santos is set to be the biggest environment than in any previous Rockstar Game, said to be as big as Red Dead Redemption, San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto IV all combined.
  • There will be a military base, wilderness and the ocean floor to explore.
  • The game will have three playable protagonists, which the player can switch between “almost at any time” .
  • The characters are (from left to right on the above image), Michael, Trevor and Franklin. Michael is a former bank robber who has been lured back into crime, Trevor is a repeat offender and drug user while Franklin is your usual young con-man.
  • Occasionally the three leads will have to work together, meaning the ability to switch between characters during missions (hopefully not similar to that seen in the Lego franchise).
  • The main characters have their own individual skills, lives and personalities. They will wander off to get on with their lives  while you play as a different character.
  • GTA V is set in the same world as GTA IV and Liberty City , so you can expect to run into a few familiar faces (though not major characters).
  • Red Dead Redemption’s random dynamic missions will make a return in GTA V, which will include hitchhikers, muggers and corpses.
  • There will be no romances, the relations ships will now focus only on friendship.
  • An in-game economy will be implemented, which with that you will be able to purchase things, not including property.

A Little from NeoGaf:

  • BMX’s, mountain bikes,, ATV’s, helicopters, cars, Wave Runners and dirt-bikes all confirmed as drivable.
  • Heists play a major part in the game.
  • San Andreas style customisations will still not make a return in GTA V, the player will be tied down jut to the bare minimum. This is due to the story Rockstar are pushing to tell with the three protagonists.
  • Improved driving and shooting mechanics have been promised.
  • As has melee combat, to become more satisfying.
  • Base jumping, tenis, golf, yoga, triathlons and jet skiing are confirmed… for fun.


So what do you think? Are you hype? Have your say in the comments below!

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