Single Review: The Harpoonist – Good People

The Harpoonist has just released his first single, Good People, and released info about his first solo record. The Harpoonist aka Shawn Hall has spent 17 years as part of The Harpoonist and the Axe Murderer but is now going it alone and has been working on his solo material.

Good People begins with a gripping harmonica solo which gives way to an influx of electronic beats which you then realise is a heavily manipulated repetition of “Good people are good people” before the harmonica makes a triumphant return. It’s a brilliant coming together of two very different sounds from two very different eras which juxtapose heavily but blend together sincerely. Hall has an undeniably unique vocal which flips between low gravelley tones and high falsetto. The line “did we come here to dance or did we come here to die? I’m waiting for natures paradise beyond the sky” hints at one of the big questions in life and “we may not have it together but together we can have it all” is an expression of how no ones alone as we’re all taking the same journey through life together. The organs add a brooding, darker vibe and the off-kilter beats keep the listener on their toes. The track takes inspiration from the worlds of blues and folk but the synths lend an electronic edge. I for one can’t wait to hear what Did We Come Here to Dance has to offer.

When speaking of Good People Hall said “Good People hit me like a brick to the head at my dining room table about a year ago, sort of like a mantra of some kind. I had this dizzying nature whirling around in me – it’s a call to action, in its simplest form asking ‘did we come here to dance or come here to die?'”

Canadian Shawn Hall spent close to two decades as one half of The Harpoonist and the Axe Murderer with guitarist Matt Rogers. Over that time the due released six albums, played numerous sold-out shows and received praise from Canadian newspapers such as The Globe and Mail.

Good People is available to stream now and The Harpoonist’s debut solo album Did We Come Here to Dance will be coming soon. Have a listen to Good People below and find out more about The Harpoonist here.

7.5 / 10

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