Is there a perfect jacket?

It’s a task that many men peril at. Few succeed, most fail, and some don’t even attempt it. Forget the quest for the Holy Grail, this is the search for the perfect jacket.



If anyone out there lives in the nostalgia of 90s sitcoms and knows this episode, they may also have experienced the feeling Jerry goes through. Everyday I am bombarded by fictional characters and their stunningly fitted jackets. Sherlock, Dr Who, Ryan Gosling… (I’m still convinced he’s an illusion.)

Recently I had the pleasure of pricing the sale at work, which obviously means first pick! Well I came across a wool-cotton blend beauty of a bomber jacket. The fit was perfect too, needless to say I put it to the side and picked it up at the first opportunity I could. The first time I wore it out I had a Jerry moment, feeling very smug and proud. I looked good, or at least I thought so.

A few weeks on and I still love the jacket. It was a steal (not literally…) yet I still know it’s not quite perfect. It lacks the sophistication I crave, but is full of the versatility I have desired for so long. It’s a young jacket, and it’s perfect for gallivanting around London town keeping me adequately warm, without getting overly sweaty.

A jacket can add the edge to any outfit, putting you one step ahead of everyone else. They can be an investment too. Rarely will you stumble across a good jacket at a cheap price. You’ll umm and ahh, but take the plunge if you love it. It will last you years.

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