Notch Reveals Brand New 0x10^c Gameplay

Today, Notch has revealed a short clip of updated 0x10^c gameplay. As we can see the game has over-gone a texture update to bring it into line with that of Minecraft’s art style, unlike the previous smooth texture look. Fortunately the style is just for this test scenario and new art is being designed by Jonatan Pöljö.

In the clip we can see brand new dynamic lighting effecting environments when the player shoots their laser gun and real-time physics on a swinging light bulb.

Also newly-shown is this brand new screenshot of a cube. I wouldn’t get excited. In a way this is the reveal that holograms will be in 0x10^c , but do not expect them to look like this in the final game when the art style is altered.

So are you excited by the new footage, or is 0x10^c already set for failure in your eyes? Have your say in the comments below.

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