Multi-versus: The Anticipated Release

Battling it out on the newest Warner Bros-inspired Multi-versus is history’s most captivating cartoon characters and superheroes.

Expect to see some of your favourite TV cartoon characters, including Batman, Superman, Bugs Bunny, Arya Stark, Gandalf from Lord of the Rings, Mad Max, Johny Bravo, Fred Flintstones, and Tom and Jerry.

And while these characters are already confirmed, be ready to see more exciting figures added to the roster during the game’s release in 2022. The meme-born ultra instinct shaggy is one of the characters yet to be added to the platform fighter-inspired game.

The main characters and expansion prospects

Aside from the mentioned players, Finn and Jake the dog, Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, Steven Universe, and Garnet are also part of the team that will keep you glued to this game. And while we expect more to join the gaming roster, Warner Bros is keeping this a top-secret. However, a leaked conversation on Reddit indicates that an original character unique to this new game will also appear.

These comics have had a successful entertainment career since they entered the entertainment scene during the 90s. What started as cartoon entertainment for kids has birthed tv shows, films, movies, series, and even slot machines, such as Wild Harlequin, that can be found in 888 casino in the UK

The game is set to be all-inclusive now that the producers aim to provide it on multiple platforms. PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox X series owners will be the primary beneficiaries of this launch. Multi-versus will also be available in a dedicated server that will cover all other unspecified operating systems and devices.


Warner Bros has created several other games that resemble Multi-versus, such as Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl and Super Smash Bros Ultimate. However, they don’t plan to add another game to increase their collection. Players who have always wanted to try Warner Bros Game production but have been limited financially will enjoy this new console game free of charge.

We are uncertain whether the game will change into a paid one once the new players and features start rolling in or if you get to choose your team members. However, an interactive interface is what we expect, and Warner Bros promises to give nothing less. You will enjoy a content-packed game rolling on a 2v2 team format. Double the team members mean you get double the fun.

Expected release date

Since the leak of this information, there’s been much speculation about when iGamers expect to have a taste of the game. And unfortunately, this is the only information that’s missing from the data snippet. Some speculations indicate players will get to enjoy the game within the first quarter of the year. Still, the only detailed data about the game’s release is that it will be out within 2022.

The official production team will roll out more information regarding the D-date, so you might want to watch out for recent updates on their official websites.

Wrap up

While you wait for the actual game’s release, you can be part of the online community that gets to test the game’s trial version and give us feedback on your experience and the overall feel of the game. Visit Warner Bros’ official website and register for the playtest variation for consideration. You may want to note that signing up for the playtest version of the game does not automatically get you a slot on the waiting line, but trying doesn’t hurt, especially now that it’s free. And while you are there, try and get a sneak peek off the game’s trailer while you wait.

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