Logan’s Close release Heart-Shaped Jacuzzi

Logan’s Close are a baroque pop duo from Scotland. The band recently released their debut album Heart-Shaped Jacuzzi and have now unveiled the stand-out title track.

Having been together for a number of years, Logan’s Close toured extensively throughout the UK and Europe supporting notable acts such as Temples. Taking their time to hone their craft, the duo, comprised of Scott Rough (lead vocals, guitar) and Carl Marah (vocals, lead guitar), had built a well of tracks, before compiling them into their debut album, Heart-Shaped Jacuzzi.

Inspired by 60s and 70s sounds, Logan’s Close create a shimmering, whimsical style of music, care-free in its delivery and laced with literate, autobiographical lyricism.

The title track of the record is a perfect example of what the pair are able to create: dreamy, heart-felt baroque pop as catchy as it is impactful. The album itself charts the details of a dwindling romance, the lyricism telling the story of singer Scott’s own break-up, from the perspective of his ex partner.

From the harmony-filled opener of ‘Hot Blondes In Your Area Tonight’ to the crooning musings of ‘Babestation’, Heart-Shaped Jacuzzi bristles with unbridled experimentation.

‘Merry-Go-Round’ steps gleefully into early Beatles territory while ‘Gouching on the 33’ wonderfully flutters and floats. As the record rounds off, Logan’s Close continue to serve bangers. The outstanding ‘Half & Half’ invoking the spirit of Ennio Morricone wrapped up in The Shadows, and ‘Dans Le Jardin’ closing proceedings in a haze of dream-like flower power.

Heart-Shaped Jacuzzi is an outstanding debut from a band who deserve the attention of listeners far and wide.

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