ZUDZ release debut EP ‘sum’

Having spent the past 20 years in and around the music industry in various guises, three-piece alternative band, ZUDZ, came together in 2020. Compiling a number of demos into a four track EP, ZUDZ have shown their intent on the vibrant record sum.

Comprised of Kit Endean (guitar, vocals), Mike Smith (drums) and Fintan Dawson (bass), the members of ZUDZ have had an eventful relationship with music. Indeed, their involvement in bands such as Pit Pony, BONG and The Sound Ex led to widespread touring in the UK and beyond. Singer Kit’s enduring talent was picked up by the likes of Captains of Industry (Ben Myers) before going on to sign with Visible Noise’s Julie Weir (Bring Me The Horizon/Bullet For My Valentine).

Fast forward to the current day and the trio have found a renewed vigour as they hit their groove on this latest project. While rough and ready, debut EP sum is a perfect set up for what ZUDZ could achieve in 2024.

The record has everything an alt.rock fan should crave: grittiness, soaring guitars, propellant beats and a DIY sound to die for.

Opening with ‘Yellow Chariot’, sum comes careering out the blocks. A filthy garage rock track that bristles from the first note to the last, ‘Yellow Chariot’ has echoes of bands such as Red Fang and Fu Manchu and sets the tone of what is to come. ‘Bound For Glory’ is a passionate, intricate builder that rocks and rolls and gives space for Kit’s heartfelt vocal before unleashing into a King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard style psychedelia. ‘Richard Roll On Home’ illustrates the versatility of ZUDZ as they experiment with a bluesy sound, the track offering a sense of sonic relief. Final track, ‘Westage’, has a beautiful 90s feel to it. A warm hug for those of us who stood in beer stained dive bars listening to the exotic sounds of American alt.rock bands past and present.

sum is a very interesting lead record for a band who will undoubtedly grow with each release. With live shows in the works and a new record expected in 2024, ZUDZ are a band you should add to your next alternative rock playlist.

sum is out now.

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