Vibes of the Week – List 9

New weekend energy, more ways to procrastinate effectively but first and foremost such sad news about the passing of DMX. Another great gone way way too soon. Currently reminiscing on his Verzuz battle with Snoop, damn that was some good sh*t. One of my lockdown highlights for sure.



Miss me with all the Prince Philip stuff, that guy was looking like an extra from the Walking Dead for the longest therefore I’m convinced he actually passed away a couple seasons ago. The Royals ain’t ever done anything for me so run me a bank holiday or something guys, you know for “mourning” purposes.

Not even sure what I’m going to talk about for this post. Theres never really a set agenda I mostly just drink and ramble which seems to usually work out alright.  Been trying to stay out of the loop with news and politics because retaining some small morsel of sanity is important. Okay how about this I caught Godzilla vs Kong, and that was actually pretty good.  As far as big monkey raging against giant lizard goes, it was an enjoyable spectacle and for the most part a fun experience throughout. Definitely meant for the big screen mind you, but theres a real sense of scale whether you catch it cinema style or home reclining.  Giant monsters throwing hands while people flee in terror screaming for their lives, lovely stuff.

No spoilers of course but the human plot line was abysmal and mostly just had me bemused at how things unfolded. I personally didn’t sign up to watch the girl from Stranger Things do lacklustre uninspired Stranger Things type hijinks. Just here to see some giant fights and explosions. Ideally, I wanted more monster stuff and less of the other underdeveloped aspects they tagged onto the madness. Like why they even assumed we would be remotely interested in anything other than titan beef is perplexing.  When uninspiring characters are written into a story wielding nothing but the power of good luck when facing adversity, things becomes more of a distraction rather than meaningful. Ultimately weak sauce runtime padding antics.

So my verdict is – 7 out of 10. Monsters good. Humans bad.

Except for Kaylee Hottle in her first ever feature role. She was dope.

Also by the way Joss Whedon, you suck. No relevance or ties to this film whatsoever but I just wanted to say it real quick.

But anyways this week I give to you from my bag of vibes, the below.

1) tobi lou – I Was Sad Last Night I’m OK Now
Heres a little feel good groove for your soul.


Sometimes eloquent raps. Always MAVI don’t miss. Run this.


3) Choker – Petrol Bliss
This slaps so therefore deserves your attention.


4) Monte Booker – Kolors
This popped up in one of my Spotify Daily Mix playlists and immediately gave flashbacks of summer cruising. Roll on normality.


5) DMX – X’ Gon Give It To Ya
Ultimate entrance music. Argue with yourself about that not me.

Also one last thing, prayers up for St Vincent right now.


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