Vibes of the Week – List 8

Firstly, before all the “where you been and why you always so lazy?” questions come rolling in. I just wanted to quickly say that this whole hiatus from writing was not my fault this time. So get off my back. Respectfully. But also welcome back to another edition of Fortitude Magazine’s Vibes of the Week.

the office raise the roof

Alright, I’m going to write this in parts over the course of the week since sitting down and doing anything in one shot is proving more difficult than I’d like it to be. It might feel a little disjointed but bear with me. Journal type entries and such. Right now its Monday and finally that 3rd cup of coffee is hitting just right. Summer sun already but snow apparently next week? Thank you global warming. Wild to think we have done a year (and then some) of this pandemic malarkey.  Look at us, apocalypse gang!

Where has the time gone though? I will probably be part way through Good Friday when this post gets dropped. Also really likely to be intoxicated. I hope. But like what? Easter? Already? What manner of time tomfoolery is this.  At least we have freedom to anticipate soon. Or so they say anyway. I am just really thankful to be in such safe hands amidst all this you know. Praise the high heavens for Boris, the dashingly disgruntled bozo riding in on a goat, mop hair billowing in the breeze.

Just slid into Wednesday. I mean I blinked and the Downing Street Power Rangers just apparently solved racism with their 264 page report. You heard about that?  Long story short the UK isn’t racist and should be seen as “a model for other white-majority countries”. Some of the finest gaslighting I have ever witnessed. 10/10.

Truth be told I am not even trying to turn this into a political debate, just adding to the list of reasons why I think a lot of these so called “leaders” should be set adrift at sea scrambling for survival on a burning ship filled with coyotes and pirates. Wait thats not right, I’d feel bad for the coyotes. Also the pirates.

We are now on the other side of Thursday.  I caught that video of Quavo and Saweetie and I guess I was mildly intrigued. Mildly. But hang on hold up wait a minute, Kim Kardashian is single now? Brb while I pick the perfect gif to slide into her DMs with.

Forgive my side tracked rambling though. Whisky. I meant to add that not only is the UK the best place to thrive for all ethnicities, but it can be passionately endorsed by the likes of Priti Patel the successful self loathing harpy. With her ethnic community hatred louder than a house built at the end of a runway. Let’s not forget Matthew though. Jesus Christ himself pales in comparison to the charismatic beast that is Matt Hancock.  Fire emoji fire emoji. Can we also get a round of applause for Robert Jenrick and Gavin Williamson as well because not only does incompetent oaf come in a variety of flavours and shapes, you also get served far more than you need of it. I’d be here all day typing out the names of these fools, but I really can’t be bothered – which is actually the same amount of energy they give to people’s livelihoods.

Has anyone in the audience got a confident and reassuring yay to offer? The kind of yay you feel in the depths of your stomach when Joe Biden successfully makes it up a set of stairs? Anyone?


1) Free Party – Middle School 
The algorithm shot this at me, it didn’t miss.

2) A2 – Akolades
Woke up Monday morning and needed this.

3) Choker – Brown Steel
This gave me strong Sunday morning feels on a Tuesday.

4) Trayce Chapman – The Flux
Honestly man the algorithms really did my ears justice this week.

5) ScHoolBoy Q – JoHn Muir
Brb going to drive menacingly through neighbourhoods while drinking a Rubicon mango.

Okay that’s enough from me right now enjoy your bank holiday and all that good stuff.



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