Track of the Week: Alex Vargas – Higher Love

Gearing up to release his debut album next year, Alex Vargas has hit out with yet another absolute belter…


Higher Love’ is a smooth fusion of soulful electronic dreamy pop that just showcases the impeccable vocals of the songster himself. Just beware – the track is highly addictive, and 4 minutes isn’t even nearly enough. Get that loop set up and it’s any dull morning commute sorted!


Similarly to previous track ‘Shackled Up’, this new gem is also released on Copenhagen Records.

“Higher Love is about those moments where turmoil created by routines and predictability in everyday life. It plants seeds of insecurity in the ground beneath, but that thought¬†of giving up quickly evaporates when you remember how closely you are bound.”

We were big fans of Vargas already here at Fortitude, but this has just tipped us right over the line between fan and ‘Track of the Week’ mega-fans! So check out the track below and let us know what you think…

Alex Vargas – Higher Love [Lyric Video] from Copenhagen Records on Vimeo.

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