Slipknot Release New Single ‘The Negative One’

After over six years of silence, massive metal powerhouse Slipknot are back with the first single from their new (as of yet untitled) album.

Slipknot were seemingly derailed when bassist Paul Gray died in 2010. Add to that many of the members having other bands and side projects, it’s safe to say their return has been a long time coming. Not only did they lose their bassist, but drummer Joey Jordison also announced his departure from the band in 2013. Recent speculation is that Jordison was actually fired from the band, but regardless Slipknot have hired a new drummer, and though we don’t know who that is at this point, all these details add up to potential changes in Slipknot’s style.

Fear not though, as ‘The Negative One’ adheres to Slipknot’s definitive style as easily as though nothing has changed.  It certainly has a vibe reminiscent of  their earlier music, (their self-titled album, and Iowa) a very raw, aggressive sound, and continues to incorporates their trademark style, accomplished by accentual percussion and Sid Wilson on the decks, along with more conventional metal instruments. If this is an indication of what’s to come from their new album, I’ll be a happy fan, though I would like to see some diversity as we’ve seen previously that Slipknot are capable of so much more than just a kick-ass metal anthem.

As for the video, it’s in line with much of what Slipknot are about, albeit pretty creepy and explicit. I’m not exactly sure what the meaning behind the video is, if there is one, but hey, it’s a metal video.

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