Single Review: Kwasi – Poison

Naarm/Melbourne-based alternative hip-hop artist Kwasi has released his latest single Poison, a catchy amalgamation of hip-hop beats combined with guitar-led riffs.

Poison opens with gentle guitar strums which form the basis of the track and lend it a slightly indie edge. The beat kicks in raw and heavy as Kwasi’s manipulated vocal fights to break through. We’re thrust right into the chorus of “Cut me out, save yourself, don’t worry about me. Run away, far away, cos this love is like poison.” The beat is rapid and vibrant and is in stark juxtaposition to the story Kwasi is telling through his lyrics. He swaps between a sung chorus and rapped verses, highlighting his vocal versatility, and his lyrics dive deep into painful experiences showing a real rawness and fragility, especially in the line where he speaks of having pack of cigarettes in his right hand and is trying to burn away the memories and bury them. Synths and manipulated vocals have been incorporated to lift the track and give it an urban and fresh edge.

When speaking of Poison, Kwasi said, “I am caught in a daze of hopeful sadness, knowing the end is near. Hungover from intoxicating love, I romanticize the positive parts of the relationship, but deep down I know it’s best to just run away.”

Kwasi is making waves in the hip-hop scene and has shared a stage with artists such as 360, Banks Arcade and Genesis Owusu and has also received support from platforms such as Triple J, Purple Speakers and MTV.

Poison is available to stream now. Find out more about Kwasi here and have a listen to Poison below.


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