Single Review: Jamie Sutherland – Start Again

Jamie Sutherland, front man of indie band Broken Records, has just released his new solo single Start Again.

The track has an undeniable folk edge to it and Sutherland took inspiration from some of the classic American songwriters such as Bob Dylan, Paul Prine and Roy Orbison. Start Again is the first single to be taken from Sutherland’s upcoming sophomore solo album which is set for release in September.

Start Again opens with jolly guitar strums and a peppy harmonica which together create an upbeat vibe from the off before Sutherland’s vocal kicks in with “She wrote her name on the pages of love, she strapped herself to the mast. Believed that all she gave would return, of course she knew she would last.” As the track progresses the accompaniment builds to incorporate strings and subtle keys which provide further depth. The bridge of “Hold me and tell me everything you know or we’ll start again” leads seamlessly into the the chorus which consists of a spine-tingling harmonica solo. Sutherland’s vocal is honed to perfection to complement the fast-paced guitar and he has an undeniable country twang which is filled with warmth.

The accompanying video is a delight to watch with its rolling film of American country scenes – think canyons, winding hilltop roads, ancient cacti –  shot in black and white and almost looking like it’s been taken from a feature film. Sutherland therefore takes a backseat, allowing the visuals and the lyrics to take over, with minimal shots of him, his guitar and harmonica. The video further expands on the track’s theme and story and aids the mental image created by the lyrics.

When speaking of the forthcoming solo album Sutherland said “I self-consciously wanted to write an adult record, in the style of John Prine, Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen’s later work, and as I have gotten (a little) older, I have found myself gravitating to songs which talk with the sense of experience that I was starting to feel. That things aren’t black and white, good and bad, ecstatic or despairing, that there is nuance in everything, and detail is most important – all with the knowledge that in understanding a little there was so much more to learn.”

Realising that he wanted to take his song-writing in more of a folk-inspired route than he could for Broken Records, he started letting his pen guide him in a new direction and Sutherland released his first solo album Bruise in 2020 which received critical acclaim.

Start Again is available to stream now. Find out more about Jamie Sutherland here and have a listen to Start Again below. 


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