Single Review: IRJA – Heavy State of Mind

Having released ‘Devil You know’ and ‘It’s All Yours’ in the past year, London-based Swiss duo, IRJA, have unveiled their most impactful song yet on the smooth indie-electro track Heavy State of Mind.

Formed in London after a chance meeting, IRJA have embraced their love of the Berlin electronic music scene, enveloping this into a unique sound of their own. The cerebral sonics and ambience synonymous with Germany’s capital city are apparent throughout the music IRJA have come to create. There is a depth and atmospheric serenity that runs deep through the heart of their soundscapes. Wistful, sparse but ultimately endearingly soothing, Heavy State of Mind encapsulates what the pair are about.

Softly plucked guitar notes are accented by the gentle dynamics of dual vocals, dream-like and reflective. As the track builds the flow lifts the listener up with a melancholic, ethereal beauty. Focusing on the impact a broken relationship has upon the two, splintered parties, Heavy State of Mind is an aching, reflective piece of music in the vein of RYX and early Bon Iver.

Comprised of Colin Lanz (vocals, guitar, synths) and Basil Steiner (drums, synths, backing vocals), IRJA formed after overhearing one another speak Swiss-German in a bar in London. Hitting it off immediately they set about writing and recording songs at home during the lockdown. The enforced restrictions meant they could only play drums with brushes, allowing the pair to take an orchestral approach to recording percussion. Recording several layers, the process resulted in the creation of a rich, textural sound that they can firmly call their own.

Heavy State of Mind is out now.

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