Single Review: HALO DUST – HEROES

Sitting somewhere between indie and electro, faceless, London-based four-piece HALO DUST have released their high-octane debut single HEROES.

Having previously worked as a live production team, brushing shoulders with various musicians from around the UK and North America, the trio of Scott, Trumpet Andy and Stef became disillusioned with the industry. As many who have worked in music can testify, peering behind the curtain is akin to the infamous unmasking of The Wizard in the Wizard of Oz: underwhelming.

However, a chance meeting with erstwhile guitarist, now fully fledged frontman Serge Pizzorno, reinvigorated their passion. Taking on board some encouraging words dished out in a late-night eatery, HALO DUST officially formed. With the addition of the gruff vocals of their friend Paul Da Silva, HALO DUST set about creating a collection of songs.

The first to be released from these writing sessions is single, HEROES. An atmospheric, in your face piece of indie-electro, HEROES sets the band’s stall out early. Somewhere between the likes of The Prodigy’s aggressive soundscapes and the no-holds-barred indie-rock of Death From Above 1979, HEROES is a song that has one foot in the past and one foot very much in the future.

With debut album SINISTER ELECTRIC, out in 2023, the band indicate that they will release a number of singles leading into the release. HEROES is an impressive start and one that will help grow the fledgling band’s audience before they ramp up their schedule in 2023.


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