Single Review: CUTLIST – Generator

CUTLIST is the moniker for tattoo artist Graham Cameron who has created an outlet for his ambient style of music. The producer has unveiled his debut single Generator ahead of debut album, Almanac on 28th October.

Born out of the monotony of living life through the pandemic, Cameron utilised the time he had at his disposal to fulfil his love of making music. Experimenting with sounds, samples and live instrumentation, CUTLIST began to come alive through Cameron’s varied influences.

Playing with genre ranging from ambient, downtempo techno and hip-hop all the way to prog music, CUTLIST blossomed into poignant electronica the likes of which wouldn’t sound out of place on Warp Records.

Debut single Generator is a perfect example of CUTLIST’s expansive sound. Soft, repetitive soundscapes wash over you as the track builds ominously offering a juxtaposition between light and dark, hope and loss. With a nod to artists such as Boards of Canada, Generator is an impressive first release and sets up the official release of album Almanac later this month.

Generator is out now and is taken from the debut album, Almanac, due for release on 28th October 2022.

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