Single Review: Dylan James – Let’s Talk

London-based singer-songwriter Dylan James has released his new single Let’s Talk. It’s a thought-provoking track that showcases his ability to write from the heart on subjects that will touch a chord with many.  

Let’s Talk opens with gentle guitar strums and airy keys before James’ deep, gravelly tones kick in with the powerful “I feel like I lose you when my life don’t go your way. I miss you touch I, miss it every day. I do things wrong to get things right. But you’re not there in the night.” Proceedings are stepped up a notch after the first chorus where the beat gains momentum and the guitars turn more funky. Angelic harmonies add a soulful layer and contrast beautifully against James’ gruff vocal at the bridge where he sings “I fall deeper, deeper into your mind darlin’. Yeah we’re running, running out of time.” Themes of suppressed feelings and of words left unspoken run through the track but James lightens the weight of these heavy subjects and accentuates the need to speak and free yourself: “Open your mind, let’s talk.” It’s an uplifting and cathartic track and one which will resonate long after it’s final beat.

When speaking of Let’s Talk, James said “In two simple words Let’s Talk summed up my frozen tongue. I couldn’t talk about my feelings, I didn’t know where to start. I would just dig myself another hole hoping it would all go away.” 

The accompanying video for Let’s Talk is just as powerful as the track itself and further brings it to life: “Such a special lyric and beautiful song needed a human story, with a poignant message” says the director. “It’s about the interplay between four people, who have so much to say to each other but all stop just short of doing so, much to the detriment of each individual relationship.”

Dylan James has remained under the radar, shunning extensive live performances or interviews, but has gained a cult following. He has a gift for storytelling and his take on impactful issues set to music are beautifully crafted. Let’s Talk is James finally sharing his gift with the world. James blends together influences as wide ranging as 90s Brit Pop to folk rock and brings his observations to life with a melancholic and bittersweet air.

Let’s Talk is available to stream now. Find out more about Dylan James here and have a listen to Let’s Talk below. His debut album is due for release in 2023.

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