Single Review: CHRVCHES – My Enemy

‘My Enemy’ is the latest offering from CHRVCHES, with a little feature from Matt Berninger of The National fame. This latest release comes alongside the trio’s announcement of their third album, ‘Love Is Dead’ out May 25th.

Lauren has explained that the ‘Love Is Dead’ is all about maturing as individuals and artists and “Coming to terms with the fact that there are great things in the world and there are awful things in the world and you can’t get one without the other.”

Berninger’s distinctive vocals glide perfectly throughout this bittersweet new single, “I’ve got no more time to hear what you think about me. Because all your words are so cold so callous so clean”, the blissful synths of the verses caress his voice and breath a heartfelt sincerity through the speakers. Pulsing beats announce the chorus as Lauren replies, a little more forceful as the beat kicks up a notch. The final chorus brings both vocals together, their voices intertwining to build melancholic ending.

Check out ‘My Enemy’ and previous release ‘Get Out’ if you can’t wait until May 25th out on Glassnote. ‘Love Is Dead’ will be produced by the nimble fingers of Greg Kurstin (Adele, Sia, Tegan and Sara) and Steve Mac, the first time CHRVCHES have worked with an outside producer on any of their work. Catch the guys live this summer, from late May –  August.

Love Is Dead tracklist:

  1. Graffiti
  2. Get Out
  3. Deliverance
  4. My Enemy
  5. Forever
  6. Never Say Die
  7. Miracle
  8. Graves
  9. Heaven/ Hell
  10. God’s Plan
  11. Really Gone
  12. II
  13. Wonderland



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