Single Review: Christina Martin – In Control

Canadian singer-songwriter Christina Martin has released her electrifying new single In Control. The track is the second to be taken from her upcoming new album Storm.

In Control is sleek and alluring with a guitar riff as effortless as Christina’s honed vocals. The drum like a heartbeat sets the pace for the track with Christina’s harmonies adding a sensual touch. Lyrics such as “When I go, I always come back. Two nights of debauchery is just the thing I need to bring me back to life” alludes to the internal tug of war we have between wanting to have control over our life vs wanting to let loose and break free from our self-imposed shackles. The theme of two opposing desires colliding is carried through in the melody as the brooding verses jostle for dominance over the more delicate chorus. A husky, moody vibe prevails but the Americana-esque guitar riffs ensure that Christina stays true to her folk-inflected roots.

When speaking of In Control, Christina said “This song is about wanting to return to a feeling of being in control, but only after letting go and experiencing some of the human vices that lead to temporary pleasure. I’m pretty well practiced at living a routine, discipline and healthy life, but I’m still a mess a lot of the time, and turn to my sources for help getting back to the sense of feeling in control.”  

The accompanying video highlights the theme of contrasts even further as it combines 80s-style footage of Christina moving to the beat but interjected with a storyline set in the distant future: a statue of Christina on another planet is destroyed and falls to earth where it’s reconstructed and serves as a metaphor for artists pushing themselves to breaking point for their art.

Christina Martin’s Nova Scotian roots can be felt through her music as she entwines sweeping soundscapes with rootsy percussion, taking the listener on a journey through the melodies of pop, rock, folk and Americana. She has been releasing music for over a decade with a fanbase which has spread from Nova Scotia and across the pond.

In Control is available to stream now. Find out more about Christina Martin here and have a listen to In Control below.


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