Single Review: Borderline Toxic – Blood Sucking Beauty Queen

Borderline Toxic showcase their upbeat take on the rock genre as they come flying out of the traps with latest single release, Blood Sucking Beauty Queen.

The London-based four-piece are led by charismatic front woman Kerry Glass and create a pop/rock crossover befitting of any summer festival the world over. Formed during the pandemic Borderline Toxic began to write together remotely. With members dotted around the world, they exchanged ideas with the aim of bringing their raucous sound to a worldwide audience once lockdown had ended. One of the tracks that came out of their writing sessions was Blood Sucking Beauty Queen – arguably the band’s most impactful single release yet.

Combining pop-inflected choruses with meaty guitar lines and a filthy baseline, Blood Sucking Beauty Queen fits neatly between the mainstream and the alternative. With Glass’s infectious presence, allied to a powerful vocal range, and a tight rhythm section, Borderline Toxic have the ingredients to be a mainstay on the UK rock circuit.

While the track is a fun pop/rock crossover, the lyrics have a depth that demands your attention. With Glass drawing on her own life experiences, she holds a mirror up to society’s obsession with judging others. Relaying a message of empowerment to every facet of society, Glass implores us all to embrace our own individuality and take pleasure in our own fulfilment. A powerful message juxtaposed by the uplifting sonics.

Blood Sucking Beauty Queen is out now via Forest Cat Productions.

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