Single Review – Bad Love ‘Cashmere Tears’

Having wowed us in the summer with uplifting banger A Place For Me, Manchester band Bad Love have returned with new single Cashmere Tears.

With a swell of bands straddling the line between mainstream pop and electronica emerging in the past few years, we’ve been spoiled for choice. Whether your tipple is behemoths like LANY and Lauv, or up and comers such as Joan, the hazy, dreamy pop sound has been burgeoning since The 1975 cemented their place as one of the biggest bands on the planet.

Bad Love have continued to follow these trends. Taking inspiration from the heartfelt lyrics of arty, sophisticated new wave bands like The Cure, Bad Love have combined this seamlessly with the poppier elements of The 1975. Cashmere Tears is a catchy pop track with a weighty subject matter as singer Andy Gannon challenges the concept of a-typical masculinity and the supposed societal norms taught at an early age of what a woman’s role is. It’s clever, it’s catchy and it fits neatly into today’s shimmering pop sound.

While the positives far outweigh the negatives, Bad Love’s similarity to the aforementioned acts could be their achilles heel. Following the well worn tropes of The 1975 and alike, is something many bands have done and are currently doing. With a market place packed with bands of a similar ilk it will take nuance and chutzpa to stand alone and make this sound your own. There’s a very fine line between the coolness espoused by artists such as Lauv and the relative safeness of a Walk The Moon for instance. It’ll be down to Bad Love to choose witch path they want to follow.

Consisting of frontman, songwriter and producer Andy Gannon, Tommy O’Neill and Ben Tansey, recent single A Place For Me gained the attention of the likes of Clash Magazine, Variance Magazine, Clout, Indie Is Not A Genre, LA On Lock, Talk About Pop Music and many, many more. The band have a number of singles planned for 2021 and we for one can’t wait to hear what this interesting band release next.

Cashmere Tears is out now.

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