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Red House Glory are making waves in London’s music scene . Their dynamic sound fuses catchy hooks and huge drum beats with melodic melodies and poignant lyrics. Often compared to 90’s distortion and bass driven bands, they’re  getting reactions from critics and fans alike that not even they had expected.

Fortitude Magazine caught up with Red House Glory for you to get to know them, and take note as they begin their take over of the underground music scene.

How are you guys today?

RHG: Good thanks, currently enjoying this fine autumn day

Can you guys introduce us to each member and what they do in the band?

Nathan Grace – Guitar

Theo Grace – Drums

Jonny Greenfield – Bass & Backing Vocals

Lewis Knaggs – Singer and Guitarist

Tell us how you guys met?

RHG: Theo and Nathan are brothers, growing up in the same house they met about 18 years ago. We all met at school playing together in bands. Nathan was in another band but then we stole him away.

What influences the Red House Glory writing both musically and lyrically?

RHG: Pretty much everything inspires the lyrics…life in general is pretty influential…Love, Death, Happiness, Sadness and all the other whiz along the way. Musically we have quite a wide range of influences, we all listen to different things so naturally it comes through when we write songs together…

You encapsulate styles from lot of 90’s bands like Nirvana, Pearl Jam & The Pixies,; how do you find  people reacting to your style?

RHG: Yeah some people have said that. Funny thing is I hadn’t listened to pearl jam till about 4 months ago, but have since fallen in love with them..

People tend to mention the 90’s thing a lot, we love Nirvana, Pixies, Radiohead . We listen to a lot of older music aswell, Led Zeppelin, Black sabbath, Velvet Underground, The Doors, Cream, Jimi Hendrix etc…these bands were big influences on 90’s bands that we love and are compared to, so I guess our music encapsulates all those styles because our influences are similar…

What has been your greatest achievement so far?

RHG: Selling out The Camden Barfly on a saturday night

Which band would you love to be the support act for?

RHG: I’d love to support Bruce Springsteen. Me and my Dad are huge fans, have been to see him every time he’s been in London the past 6 years, so it would be EPIC. Jeff buckely if he was still alive.

You have a massive following in the London music scene, are their any other bands you think people should look out for?

RHG: Our mates BEASTS are sick, go check them out…I love this new band called Wolf Alice, the lead singer is fucking gorgeous and their songwriting is scarily good…

For those who don’t know who you are, why should they check you out?

RHG: Rock needs to make its comeback…

What are your plans for the next year?

RHG: Gigs, Gigs and more gigs…a first single release, more videos and NEW SONGS!

Anything you would like say to the Fortitude Mag readers?

RHG: Stay locked for more live videos and our up and coming Live E.P

Watch the live video to ‘FEVER’:

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