It’s Time to Split! Petition for a Timesplitters HD Collection!

I think we should get one thing straight before I proceed with this post: anyone who loves shooters loved Timesplitters. If you played Doom, Wolfenstein, Quake, GoldenEye, chances are you loved Timesplitters. The game was a formative part of my childhood, teaching me the important concepts of explosions, aliens and time travel. I’m willing to bet that the same applies to you.

If that’s the case, then you should definitely check out this petition. To quote from their description:

“As we all know, TimeSplitters 4 is long overdue. Free Radical collapsed in 2009 and has been bought by Crytek UK . . . [who] said that they would love to make a new game, but they don’t know how well it would sell in todays industry . . . the CEO Cevat Yerli also said that if there was enough demand, they would perhaps make a new game. What better way than a new HD collection of all the original games for the PC/MAC, PS3, and Xbox 360 to test the waters?”

If you’ve already signed the petition, you should join this Facebook page, who are excellent for keeping up to date on the whole issue. Hopefully if there’s enough support, Crytek will take notice and we’ll get our HD collection, and beyond that: who knows? Maybe in the next few years we’ll be playing Timesplitters 4.

Only time will tell.



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