Interview: ODD Clothing – “Odd Socks May Become Acceptable For Once”

Odd Clothing is founded by two aspiring fashion enthusiasts, Bradley Green and Jake Thatcher, and have begun to cause quite a stir with their dynamic clothing.

Their simplistic logo tee has attracted the attention of many, including One Direction’s very own Harry Styles and Fortitude side-project In Venice, We Swim. Fortitude Magazine caught up with Bradley Green to discuss the future of ODD Clothing and what people should expect. This is what he had to say:

Do you mind explaining to our readers, what encouraged you to develop ODD Clothing?

I have always wanted to create my own brand, even since a tender young age when I wore clothing that my mother bought me. I was always intrigued as to what the logo I was wearing signified and what the other kids thought of it. I remember thinking, whilst be dragged around the shop by my mother, “how did those t-shirts end up on the hangers and why can’t I make my own?”.

As I grew that thought resonated in me and I started to get bored of what was hanging on those hangers in the shops I visited. Then one day, after an uninspiring shopping trip from which the only thing I bought was lunch, I went home and started to mock up some basic ideas for my own clothing range. The ideas developed and I got a friend involved who was like minded and had great potential for promotions. The name was created by accident, but when we found it; we loved it! It connoted an uncertainty about it, which we felt gave the brand image an edge.

The ideas and designs turned into prototypes, at which point we saw the real potential. I think that is when I was most inspired; when I saw the real product in front of me. We got friends on board to model the shirts in photo shoots that we organised.

I created a website within days, as I was so eager to start getting the brand noticed and from then on, everything just happened the best way it could! I love it.

You’ve started a fashion business at such a young age, were you nervous to indulge into such a vast industry so early into your adult life?

At first, it was incredibly daunting, and I was nervous with the initial developments of the brand. I understood that it was going to be difficult to make an impact on such a vast industry and I had little experience in the field, but I didn’t let it compromise my ambition. I felt if anything my age gave me a competitive advantage over other larger brands, as I was developing clothing that I myself and peers would wear.

The position I was in was also great for research as I literally had my target market right in front of me; physically and through social media. Moreover, I was in a strong position of knowing what the current trends were and I had access to countless amounts of small scale – individual clothing brands which shaped the concepts and ideas that were created.

Your brand has established strong social media support, with yourselves performing various Youtube videos of key trends – for instance your Odd Clothing Harlem Shake, how important do you think social media is in this modern generation now?

It is essential. We rely on social media for almost every aspect of our lives, and as sad as that may be, it has created a world that is fully integrated. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

With it now being so easy to upload a video to YouTube and get thousands of views or promote products through the likes of Twitter and Facebook, the growth and development of unique brands, like ourselves, pretty much relies on social media!

You’ve only unleashed the one design so far, your logo featured t-shirt in black or white, how has the feedback for that initial product been?

It has been unreal! We couldn’t be more pleased with the feedback, mostly the commenting on how people love the simplicity of the design. We feel the greatest feedback is seeing our products been worn. It brings immense satisfaction to us when we see someone walking down the high street wearing our tee or the numerous pictures that we receive of customers wearing them – some even posing in them in their twitter avatars.

You caught the attention of many, after it was reported One Direction’s Harry Styles was seen wearing it. How did this come about?

We knew Harry as we went to the same schools as he did. We also knew it would be great coverage if we could get him to wear our shirt! He always tends to visit the village, from time to time, and he was over in the Christmas holidays. We found him and simply asked for a favour! With him being the sporting type, he took the shirt and bobsyouruncle!

With already great success, what do you aim to do next to continue ODD Clothing’s growth?

Our next aim is to get the summer collection into stock and promoted in time for the hopefully glorious summer that the UK is ‘bound’ to offer. We are currently finalising the designs now and we also hope to branch out into accessories and other clothed items in the near future. Odd socks may become acceptable for once.

Our final question; other than yourselves, what other independent brands are you really enjoying right now?

We see so many different independent brands and they are all worth mentioning! However, a few that struck our eye were Individual Clothing, the name itself makes you want to wear their stuff! Also Bad Taste, despite the initial thought, make some great outlandish designs!

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