God Bless Berry: Chucks death and what he left behind

It amazes me when I hear people say, ‘I want to go out and find out who I am.’ I always knew who I was. I was going to be famous if it killed me.” – Chuck fucking Berry.

For all music fans, enthusiasts and historians alike it will come as no shock that the world lost one of the great rock and roll pioneers just last month, a Gibson slinging fire-blazing auditory genius, Mr Charles Edward Anderson “Chuck” Berry. ¬†Berry died at the age of 90 in his home after a reported cardiac arrest call was related to the emergency services.

Chuck berry exploded out kicking and screaming, leaving a blazing asteroid of rock and roll euphoria behind him after his death, still leaving lovers of his distinctive twang in suspense.


“Chuck” is Berrys’ final album set to be realised in June later this year, the masterpiece encompasses recordings from 1991 to 2014 and was made in dedication to the legends wife, Thelmetta “Toddy” Berry.

‘Big Boys’, the first single released from the album follows your classic chuck berry sound, driving drums + twangy country style riffs + harsh and burning blues vocals = rock and roll hysteria. The track isn’t unlike most of Chuck’s most famous work, following similar structures to Maybellene and Rollover Beethoven, the song is catapulted to new heights though with the modern approach Berry took to producing it.

Another quintessential part of the song which sets it aside from the old classics is the use of Tom Morello on guitar throughout the song, bringing a new deeper metallic and unrelenting life to the track. The rest of the album features artists such as Charles Berry Jr, Nathaniel Rateliff and members of The Blueberry Hill Gang along with an exciting sequel to his hit Johnny B. Goode entitled Lady B. Goode.

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